Field Extension Declaration

Field Extension declaration propertiesAnchor

Key Type Description
extensionType "field" (required) What field type is your extension targeting
fieldType FieldExtensionType (required) What field type is your extension targeting
features [FieldExtensionFeature] (required) List of features implemented by the extension (at least one)

FieldExtensionType enumerationAnchor

Supported FieldExtensionType enumeration values:

Type value type
STRING string
INT number (without decimals)
FLOAT number
BOOLEAN boolean
JSON any valid JSON value
DATE string in format 'yyyy-MM-dd'
DATETIME string in ISO 8601 format
LOCATION object { "latitude": number; "longitude": number; }
COLOR object { "rgba": { "r": number; "g": number; "b": number; "a": number; } }

Soon to be supported FieldExtensionType values: RICHTEXT, UNION, RELATION, ASSET

FieldExtensionFeature enumerationAnchor

  • FieldRenderer: The extension replaces a form field.
  • ListRenderer: By enabling this feature, you indicate that the extension can handle array values as well, and that GraphCMS should call it directly instead of the default list renderer on multiple value inputs.
  • TableRenderer: The extension should also be used to display values in the content table.

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