Make Static Sites Dynamic with Webhooks and a Headless CMS

Extend GraphCMS with custom business logic using webhooks. Webhooks can be triggered by any type of content change.

Go further with webhooks

Go further with webhooks

GraphCMS has a flexible webhooks API that allow you to attach custom business logic to changes within your content API.

Webhooks can be configured to only trigger when data changes you care about, including when content is moved between stages.

Unleash the power with Webhooks

Instant deployment

Immediately deploy your static when new or existing content is published or updated. Works with Netlify, Zeit, and more.

Slack notifications

Alert teams on new or updated content changes directly into your Slack workspace bringing teams closer to their content.

Sync to Algolia

Enable blazing fast search for your users with Algolia. Sync content with Algolia via webhooks when content changes.

Custom business logic

Webhooks contain your content and why it was triggered. This gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to triggering external side effects.

Notified by SMS

Notify your customers via SMS using services like Twilio by subscribing to changes within your content API.

Integrates with X

GraphCMS works with services like Zapier, Integromat and IFTTT via webhooks. The possibilities are endless!

It's Easy To Get Started

GraphCMS plans are flexibly suited to accommodate your growth. Get started for free, or request a demo to discuss larger projects with more complex needs