Static Sites with GraphCMS, a Headless CMS

Static sites provide your team with a fast, reliable and easy to maintain website. Static sites are completely compatible with GraphCMS.

Developer Experience

We try to be the most un-opinionated CMS on the market with a wide collection of open source example projects to get you started.

Management API

GraphCMS boasts a flexible and powerful management API to manage your content and schema, as well as a blazing fast content API.

Headless CMS

As a headless CMS (i.e. API based content management), you can be as modular and flexible as you need. We even support multiplatform content management.

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Why Static Sites?

Reduced Security Vulnerabilities

Reduced Security Vulnerabilities

A static site has no server-side code running at any given time, meaning the surface area for an intrusion is minimised if not mitigated entirely. A database that does not exist cannot be accessed, nor compromised!

Improved Reliability and Fewer Resources

Improved Reliability and Fewer Resources

Deploying a static site requires significantly fewer computational resources compared to its dynamic (WordPress, etc) counterpart because the server only returns flat files. It’s still possible to crash a web server, but it’ll take exponentially more concurrent requests.

Increased Speed and Performance

Increased Speed and Performance

According to the NY Times, any website that takes more than 400 milliseconds is likely to cause a user to leave the website before interacting with its content.

Behind the scenes, static sites are simply HTML pages! No templates to compile or data to fetch. Many different generators minify the files prior to deployment in order to garner an even faster “time to first paint.”

Go static with GraphCMS

Go static with GraphCMS

A static site is a compiled website, meaning it is comprised of just the HTML, CSS and JavaScript required to run the page. All pages are statically built ahead of time through some kind of static site build tool, or generator.

The content is updated and published at build time. Static sites offer many advantages over their dynamic site counterparts, including speed, security, and easier maintenance. Pairing a headless CMS with a static site generator enables teams to highly performant sites quickly.

Bring Your Own Frontend

Build a static site powered by GraphCMS with one of these static site generators.

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